Wills Tips

Don’t let the bed bugs bite


All of us have heard about places like New York city having major bed bug issues. Well we have bed bugs here in Hawaii also. We have found them in hotels, lodges, dormitories, elderly care facilities, vacation rentals and single & multi family dwellings. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and enter dwellings usually by being brought in with something like a suitcase or used furniture or an item of clothing from someone visiting. Inspections are the best way to prevent an infestation from happening in your home. Check all your beds at home and anytime you travel somewhere check the bed before sleeping in it. To check for bed bugs, inspect the fabric seams of the mattress for any signs of bugs or dried blood spatter. An adult bed bug is almost apple seed in size and nymphs can be a lot smaller almost clear if they have not fed. If while doing your inspection you notice any signs of bed bugs, do not sleep in the bed and if in a hotel ask for a different room. We offer free consultations to set up the best possible treatment program because each infestation is different. We offer extensive treatment programs to eliminate the infestations and have a 100% satisfaction record. Please contact our office if you think bed bugs or any other pest are bugging you.

Are Little Fire Ants (LFA) bugging you?


The LFA was first found on the Big Island in 1999 and have slowly spread to most areas of the east side of the island. LFA are very small, walk slowly, and have a uniform orange color. They are usually found in bushes and up in trees. The LFA’s bite feels like a burning rash. If you are unsure if you have LFA on your property, a simple test can be done by putting some peanut butter on a chopstick and placing it in the ground. Place the baited stick in a few shady moist places around your property. If you have Little Fire Ants infestation the stick will have the LFA within a hour. We provide one time services to eliminate these infestations around the home or can keep your area free of LFA with a regular maintenance service. Just because the Little Fire Ants are taking over our island, it doesn’t mean you need to live with them. Contact our office for a free consultation on this pest or any other pest that is
bugging you.